1) अन्न तयार करताना, वाढताना व खाताना मी अतीशय स्वच्छता पाळीन.
2) मी अतीशय श्रद्धापूर्वक अन्नपदार्थ तयार करेन.
3) सर्वांना अन्न वाढल्यावरच मी खाईन.
4) मी जेवताना कोणत्याही आवडी-निवडी ठेवणार नाही.
5) मी पानात काही टाकणार नाही व अन्न वाया घालवणार नाही.
6) मी जेवताना कोणतीही तक्रार करणार नाही.
7) मी श्रद्धेने, आनंदाने व समाधानाने जेवणाचा आस्वाद घेईन.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Peach Salad (Sweet / Sour and Salty) / Jam

Peach Salad (Sweet / Sour and Salty) / Jam 

Sweet or Sour & Salty. Cold
For: 4 persons
Process:   Cutting, Mixing, Seasoning and Garnishing
Dietary Value:  
Calcium & Other Minerals
Vit C, A, D, E, B-Complex
Proteins, Fiber
Anti-Oxidants – Beta-Carotene 
Omega 3 fatty acids (with Walnuts and Almonds)
8 min (each)
1 min

2 min (each)
5 to 20 min- depending on eating time and circumstances

Peach Salad (Sweet or Sour-Salty)

Peaches and Plums have arrived in the market (local market also). They will remain till end of October. So our meals and days will be flavored and colored with Peach, Crimson and deep purple colors during this period. 
This special Desert/Salad can be prepared for special occasions (special family dinners, special events or special guests – in-laws, bosses, friends, etc.). But with ample availability, can't we make every meal a special occasion?  And it is very easy. Anybody (above 8 years) can prepare it. 
·         So, today we will prepare Sweet salad as a Dessert.  
·         Tomorrow evening, we will prepare Sour and Salty Salad
·          Afterwards we will prepare it for friend and his family or others. But today it is just for us.
We don't have to prepare our minds to go to the market and bye some peaches. they are so attractive nothing will prevent us from buying them.
Peach Salad (Sweet): We will need 2 Peaches,  Pomegranate seeds, 1 Pear (or 1 yellow-Gren Apple or Guava), 4-6 teaspoons Sugar, 2 cups fresh curd, 100 ml fresh cream, cardamom (Veldoda), 4-6 almonds and ½ cup Walnuts. 
Optional - Plum, Mango (Totapuri), Orange/Sweet Lime, Pineapple, etc. (But No Banana, Papaya or Chikku-Sapodilla in this salad please.)
(Or, you can try them also, if you want to experiment, are in an exceptionally good mood and want to spoil it.)
Peach Salad (Sour-Salty): 2 Peaches, 1 carrots, 1 cucumber, 1 capcicum, cabbage, sprouted Mung / Fenugreek (Methi) seeds or fresh peanuts / green grams, groundnuts (roasted or fried), Oil (olive, sesame, sunflower of groundnut), 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice, coriander, salt to taste, black pepper powder, chilies, and chat masala. 
Peach Salad (Sweet): 
·         Cut all the fruits(of course after washing them thoroughly and removing their seeds - don't remove the skins). The size, shape and way of cutting (longitudinal/radial/oblique radial, etc) depends on your liking, cutting ability and asthetic sense. 
·         Add curds, fresh cream, Sugar, a pinch of salt and walnut pieces. 
·         Mix lightly. 
·         Season with Cardamom powder. 
·         Garnish with few walnut pieces and thin slices of Almonds.

Peach Salad (Sour-Salty): 
·         Cut peaches, carrot, cucumber etc. into small pieces. 
·         Add other ingredients (according to availability). Add 1 chopped chili.
·         Season with oil, salt (and may be pinch of sugar), black pepper powder, (and chat masala if you like) and red chili powder/red chili flacks (if you have not added green chili. (or give Phodani/Tadaka)
·         Add 2 teaspoons fresh lemon juice.
·         Garnish with chopped coriander. 
You may add curds/yogurt in this salad. 
With fruits and and nuts (and curds-cream in sweet salad and some vegetables - germinated pulses in sour & salty salad)  what more fortification you need?
·         No skill is required to prepare these two salads. But -  
·         As in any salad, your sense of Taste equilibrium and Flavor balance (particularly when you are dealing with very distinct and delicate flavor of peach) are very important.  
Your Aesthetic sense is the only limit. 
This is a study in pastel colors. Don't spoil it by adding gaudy colors.
·         Both salads can be served cold, Ice-Cold or at room temperature. with any meal or at any eating time.
·         Today we are going to serve Sweet salad after dinner (as a desert). 
·         Tomorrow we will serve Sour & salty version at lunch.
·         Afterwards we can prepare them for the Special guests.
·         Healthy children and young adults can eat both salads in any quantity. They can enjoy them fully (if they are not overweight).
·         You (and anyone above 40) can also eat them in any quantity (except cream. And sugar and dry fruits in small quantities). 
Thoughts & Afterthoughts
·         Add fresh cream and lots of dry fruits separately only in servings for children and young adults. 
·         For them you can also add grated cheese.
·         Healthy children can eat them without restriction. Above 40, one should be careful. Sour and salty variety can be eaten without restriction.  
·         In fact, lots of salads are recommended for old age, obesity, Diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease.
·         Make it a habit to eat such dishes really very slowly; appreciating the delicate flavors, haunting aromas and lingering tastes. That will give full satisfaction.
·          for unique flavors and taste we can add seasonal fruit like Plums, fresh Apricot/Almond fruits, lichees, cherries, any types of true or false berries, etc. They will also provide various vitamins minerals and antioxidants.     
To prepare a Peach Jam please see "Jambhul Jam". The recipe is almost same.

जांभळाचा, फणसाचा, स्ट्रॉबेरीचा, रास्बेरीचा, तुत्तूचा व अननसाचा मुरांबा